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March 2014�been a few years since posting here. Took some time off from forging/swords for personal reasons.� I hope to come back this spring. I have pulled out a few swords from my workshop.�

New Forged Blades -See sword forging links on left for my new forged blades and more about my forging.


Nihonto for Sale -Many of the swords I have for sale came directly from Japan.� They are all �real� Japanese samurai swords, Nihonto, not Chinese fake or other non-traditional made stuff, they are original swords from �newer� swords of WWII Showa era, and going back through ShinShinto, Shinto and Koto times.


If you are interested in any swords, please inquire by email.� I accept PayPal and other payment methods. Prices do not include shipping, tariffs when require, or other unaccounted fees; the price is for the sword.

I also sell periodically on ebay under the user name �slick****rick� and have bought and sold for numerous years there.�

I have a 100% ebay rating.****rick






Contact Me: Rick Jachim

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