Nihonto No Ryu

Ricks Forged Swords- Yoshi Ichi

29-3/4” Katana with 4” kissaki

(asking $850-blade + habaki)

Very nice forged katana from 1075.  Gunome midare, wide spread out, like toran ba style hamon.  Has sharply defined hamon line, with loads of ashi and sunagashi.  One side of the blade dominates toran-ba and other side is wide gunome based hamon in strong, bright nie and nioi, Boshi is in nie, and brushed.  Copper habaki, signed and dated.

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slick0000rick's almost 30 inch katana with 4 inch O-Kissaki album on Photobucket

March 2014—update. Posted some photos on Sword Forum for sale, and received some nice feedback, making me revisit the sword.  The shape was still in rough from the grinder, so was not refined and didn't show potential well.  So I decided to pull out the stones and clean up the shape and lines a bit.  One side was started, along with some shaping of the ha and mune, and refining the kissaki a bit also.  The sugata already appears more appealing.  I will work the sword over the next few months on stones, reshaping and refining.  The habaki is already made, came out ok.  Even though I pulled it from sale to work on, a few potential buyes are there, so likely has a home once finished.

Forged spring 2012, Yakire was Oct, 2012. pictures above are prior to performing additional refining shape, as these are actually straight off the grinding belt.  I have since taken sword to stones, starting at rough to further refine sugata, shaping mune and ha, along with shinogi line and kissaki.  Still work to be done, more photos will come. See the beginings of reshaping below.