Nihonto No Ryu

Ricks Forged Swords- Yoshi Ichi

31” O-Kissaki Katana from 1075

!! SOLD at the Chicago sword show !!

31” O-Kissaki Katana.  It was difficult to heat treat this, as it is larger than my furnace and is very thick, so getting the clay to react properly, fighting the heat sink of the thickness was difficult, to get the proper soak and heat temps.. Hamon appears to be very active gunome midare notare.  The hada appears to be fine grain with tons of nie, with yakiba in nioi, very bold, and followed clay to some fine details.  This was made from a high qualify 1075  steel with traces of Vanadium, so has loads, almost complete sunagashi and kinsuji in the hamon from the micro-segregation of elements, and is very fine activity, almost looks like high density forged layers, Absolutely gorgeous temper, loaded with activity.


The kissaki is 6” !! It is very wide, robust with a moderate sori, and has the Nanbokucho era style.

The boshi is a small and high turn back and is brushed and diffused/soft at the center.


Had a big sori when it was rough forged.  The final sword after multiple quenches and finish grinding came out much straighter and actually normal size and shape.  I had to really grind down on it, as it had much warping from heat treating so many times. 

Its too bad it has the other shaping issues still, and the hamon is also lower in a the lower half and dips at one point, almost off edge….it makes me sad.  But I am grateful for the positives it does have, very nice piece of art to study the hamon activities and was a good learning experience for me.  I am hoping to recreate the hamon activities in later swords.

Below are rough forgings.  I will be posting final photos soon. I started this fall 2011, it is now spring 2012.  My first katana is almost finished!!  Kissaki still needs final finishing/shaping.  No habaki yet.

Cant wait to make the next!!!  Will definitely be a more normal length...

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 Below are photos from the 3rd quenching, the clay layout. I battled with the heat sink of the blade mune thickness and clay thickness pushing the hamon down too low.  This is a slide show of photos of clay and rough polish.  More photos to come of finished blade soon!!! Or see it at Chicago Token Kai show in person

And take it home!!!

 Below photos were taken at the sword show, didn't even finish the blade, but it was my first one to sell...I miss it already. Despite it being unfinished and with a few issues, it was a piece.  In full polish, the activity would be crazy for a mono blade...I hope I could recreate the sunagashi in the hamon of my next blade.