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About Me.

Hi, my name is Rick Jachim.  I live in the greater Chicago area.  Japanese Nihonto Swords are a hobby and passion for me, that I enjoy learning very much.  I am also knowledgeable in steel and metallurgy, as I am an engineer by profession, So understanding sword forging, and steel activities goes in hand. 


I also have attended a few Rick Barrett sessions to study Japanese sword forging, heat treating and fittings skills.  The seminar was held at Rick Barrett’s forge in Indiana.  There was study and instruction on sword forging, tempering hamon, where we forged, clayed and tempered our own blades.  There was also study on habaki, fuchi, kashira, seppa making, along with tsuka and saya crafting,.  We also carved our own mei and filed/finished nakago. This was extremely interesting.

We also celebrated with Saki and performed some Tamegashiri during our gathering.  (Not in that order!)


It was super fun, interesting and I learned to appreciate the skill that goes into making art swords to beyond my expectations.  The highlight of the seminar was working with and having such skill as SadaHito assist you on your tasks.  Enomoto SadaHito from Mashima City, Japan, is one of the two brothers carrying on the Gassan school, and works in the tradition of the Soshu Den.  He is the son of Enomoto SadaYoshi, who was taught by Gassan SadaKatsu.   Having SadaHito-San assist in filing your nakago, or watching him prepare a blade for heat treat, Yaki-ire, or carve horimono, is a once in a life time experience.














Enomoto SadaHito San and I at Rick Barrett’s Forge in Indiana, September, 2009



Rick donated a katana for auction, in honor of SadaHito's visit and SadaHito commemorated the event in the mei. I just don't know exactly what SadaHito-San signed in the mei inscription...can anyone literally translate this this??  I own it now, but still waiting on delivery once Rick is done with it…. Quite a memory.

It is a beast of a blade in 1075.


This was an experience that I will never forget. I came home with goodies and a new wealth of knowledge.  SadaHito is beyond generous, in his sharing of knowledge.  Many thanks to Enomoto SadaHito and Rick Barrett for hosting this wonderful event.

I will post more on this adventure in time to come.


I have also briefly studied Mugai Ryu Iaihyodo, (無外流), a form of traditional Samurai swordsmanship in Chicago, at Shinjinkai

Extremely interesting and enlightening to gain a well rounded appreciation for swords, samurai and the skills they possessed, and wraps well with collecting Nihonto.


Now I have ventured into making my own swords!  A natural progressing, from years of studying the art, then getting involved with learning the art of creation.  So only naturally, as a metals engineer, I had to start my own!  I have been working at it since 2010 on my own, and have progressed to completing many kitchen knives, now to wakizashi and Katanas!

It is a learning journey, I learn more with each sword I forge, and strive to continually get better.

Currently, I am studying forging shape versus clay application and effects on quench.  I am also focusing on perfecting my shaping skills. Shape is very difficult to get the proper shape for the art appeal along with functional aspects, to it looks good and cuts well, and of course does not fail!  The shape requires super precision and concentration.  I have begun this is a life long journey as an artist.

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My Dragons, who don't care about swords.

They are Bearded Dragons from Down Under.

“Tatsu” (Dragon) on the left and “SunaHi” (SandFire, for his color ) on the right.

 This spring they may be momma and poppa dragons, and babies may be looking for loving homes.

2012 Chicago Token Kai Sword Show

Had a nice show, met a bunch of cool folks, many interested in what Im doing, and how I forge.  Sold a few of my first swords, but most people want a sword which is complete, including my kitchen DIY ers…

Next year I will have more finished pieces on display for sale, hopefully by then I will have progressed some.

Sold a pile of my Nihonto katanas, actually all my katanas sold!  My prices are real fair.