Nihonto No Ryu

Ricks Forged Swords- Yoshi Ichi

Thick O-Tanto -Wakizashi from W2

(asking $350-blade + habaki)

Nice thick piercing wakizashi forged from W2.  Choji hamon, with midare turnback.  Very thick ashi in in nie and nioi.  It is in a “cutting” polish, not perfect. A finish polish will further refine activities.  It is a fairly thick kasane, a modest robustness. Below are clay layout, after quench, then shaping and nakago filing. Final photos to come!

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March 2014—update. Worked a bit on this sword this month, rechaping the mune, as the wide was too prominent in the forward section of blade, now has a proper sugata. Also need a bit more shaping at the kissaki to reduce the niku of tip. The will polish/finish some more. I had made a habaki at some point, looks ok. I may mount this blade up.    The hamon has nice deep and thick ashi.  It has one pin sized forging pit.  It may come out if I polish on the rough stones again., but overall does not take away from the well quenched, wakizashi.  It is signed YoshiIchi Saku.  This is a very respectable blade.

Polish is still rough, with grinding marks obscuring the hamon details.  I am going to further polish this, after making a habaki.  I may mount this one up in  cutting Koshirae.

This is a nice and thick, stout blade with very active choji hamon in nie and nioi with tons of soft ashi throughout the cutting edge and hamon become very tight nioguchi at the boshi.

The niku is more traditional for heavier targets right now, as I designed it more as an O-Tanto as an armor piercer,than a mat cutting/slashing type sugata blade. I may lower the niku some for a keener edge.  This W2 is a nice strong steel, and the ashi tones this down some to prevent edge chipping during cutting, but will retain a sharp edge due to the extreme carbon content of this steel, and the Vanadium allows for a very tight and refined grain structure.