Nihonto No Ryu

Ricks Forged Swords- Yoshi Ichi

Fighter—Hunter Knife

Below I started grinding the blade down, refining the bevels on the one side.  I have yet to get back to it, as am working on other projects.  I will eventually heat treat it with a differiential double edge quench.  It will be a wicked blade.  Not sure what to do with the handle, maybe bone or hard wood covered, or thought possibly leaving solid steel, or cover with rope, leather binding or maybe even copper wire wound and hammered.  Time will tell—that is the fun of this hobby, it’s a form of art and I let it take me where it wants sometimes.

12” Overall Length, a big and heavy double edged knife.  This is a knife out of my usual.  I am making this for a person I work with in Ohio, Gary.  I promised him a knife, as he got me some steel from the shop and helped torch cut it up.  It is wear plate material for railroad truck side frame.  That is the material used for this knife.  I believe it to be possibly 1095 or a variant, likely has high alloy, possibly manganese.  It was very difficult to forge and move the material.  Below is the rough forging, ground shaped outline.



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