Nihonto No Ryu

Ricks Forged Swords- Yoshi Ichi

Armor Piercing Dagger from 1075

This is a dagger I designed for my father, he didn't want a Japanese sword, he likes daggers, so I created this on the fly and it evolved over time, tried a few things for the handle and guard that I didn't like.  He didn't want wood or bone handle, he wanted a metal knife, probably he was thinking a boot knife.  Anyway, below are photos.  It is made from 1075 with V added, and has a hamon on all edges, kinda like a yari, but pointed. Difficult to quench, had a little warping of the point. Came out nice and followed clay very closely.  Has very fine and suttle sunagashi and kinsuji in it. See bottom photo. I did not high polish it, so there is more activity than can be seen.  I was impressed how it came out.  He liked it except he ended up using gun blue on the guard, he didn't like the acid etch I did.  I wanted it to look older and not perfect shiny, guess he didn't like that concept!

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 Below are photos from the 3rd quenching, the clay layout. I battled with the heat sink of the blade mune thickness and clay thickness pushing the hamon down too low.  This is a slide show of photos.