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Above, wow what a big sori when it was rough forged.  The final sword after multiple quenches and finish grinding came out much straighter and actually normal size and shape.  I had to really grind down on it, as it had much warping from heat treating so many times.  I learned on this one, to slow down and do a better job of forging bevels and getting straight and if warps, do forge over to straighten as I thought I could grind it all out, not true.,.lesson learned I hope!.

Too bad, as I am now down polishing this and WOW, did the hamon turn out super duper nice!  This is 1075 steel with Vanadium in it, so has loads, almost complete sunagashi and kinsuji in the hamon from the micro segregation of elements, and is very fine activity, almost looks like high density forged layers, but perfect!

Its too bad it has the other shaping issues still, and the hamon is also low in a the lower half and dips at one point, almost off edge….it makes me sad, but I am very happy with the activity and how beautiful the hamon turned out, flowing midare.  It is 31” nagasa, with a 6” boshi!!  Crazy to try to make my first katana HUGE!.

 I'm bringing this to the Chicago show, but I'm still filing the nakago.  More photos to come soon.  Shown below is katana next to wide wak below.

Below -Wak wide ready for yakire—used furnace clay and parks 50 oil….came out nice, well formed hamon in notare.  Blade needs polish still, started a habaki, but blade is thinly proportioned as per wide, due to several attempts to harden in water….but finally came out.

I am forging my own Japanese style swords, using some of the traditional Japanese methods used to make samurai swords.  They are real live blades, and I am designing them for both full functional use and as an art object, as Nihonto are considered.  Tragic beauty.


I have been learning the art of forging Japanese style swords for two years now. I have been focusing on “mono-steel” blades, to learn the basics.  Once I have that down, then I will move into folding/layering steel, which more of the traditional method. To be fully traditional, I would have to make my own steel from iron and carbon. This is a long way off for me. 


So for now, I am focusing on shinken, real live blades.  Shinksakuto will come in time, when I'm ready.

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I will be working on a few tameshigiri katana’s as next project in May !!








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A sushi knife ready and clayed...very nice hamon.  This will be a Xmas gift.  I have made a pile of sushi kitchen knives and they are all turning out very nice.  I have finally figured it out using this thin wide steel, not an easy task.

Now I need to perfect the larger thicker swords...they behave much different under clay.

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Below photo of rough forged and ready for clay from last year.  On the left, a thick tanto made from railroad side bearing high alloy wear plate.  It is complete now, April 2012 and turned out ok, except it has some quench cracks!! At tip area, not to edge, but internal from stresses during water quench.  High alloys don't work well with water...I quenched again in oil, came out ok, full tip section is hardened.

Second on left is the above wak in clay, this was the rough forge from high Mn 1075.  It was thicker then, now it is thin due to multiple attempts to quench.  Temper came out very nice notare.

Third is the sushi knife clayed above.

The wak blade on right is a small wak from W1, which is now finished, and came out super nice! Very nice temper in gunome midare with large turnback, ashi and sunagashi.  I actually almost finished this one, made a habaki and Shirasaya. Saya still needs finishing. Ill be bringing all of these below to the Chicago Token Kai show.

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