Nihonto No Ryu

Ricks Forged Swords- Yoshi Ichi

Wakizashi from W1—sold

Above are clay applied, ready for yakari.  Turned out nice for my first “complete” piece, with Shirasaya and habaki.  They were done quickly, so just basics.  The polish is fair also, I also sold this one at the Chicago show, but am going to work on the polish a little, to clean it up and bring out more activity and shorten the habaki.  It has a few spots of sunagashi I see, and want to try to bring out more.

Many people liked the sugata of this this one, with the large graceful sori, almost like a naginata.

Nice wakizashi forged from W1.  Notare midare hamon, large but graceful sori, with big turnback.  Has some sunagashi and nice ashi in spots, lots of nio with a wide yakiba line. Very shape and light balance.  Nice copper habaki(my first!) and stored in Shirasaya from popular wood.

Below is rough forging last year.

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